Matthew & Michael Youlden


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Hailing from North-West England and currently based in Germany, Matthew and Michael Youlden are two identical twins with a passion for all things languages. Languages have shaped their entire lives, from their quest to learn Spanish at the grand old age of 8 armed solely with a phrasebook and mini dictionary to majoring in linguistics and translation studies at University to working as instructors, language consultants and e-learning experts.

The brothers have achieved worldwide recognition as the Super Polyglot Bros ( Their lust for learning more languages has in turn made them experts in rapid language acquisition with the pair featuring regularly in the German and international media, taking part in language challenges and helping others learn a new language in a faster and more effective way.

The brothers are firm believers that anyone at any age is able to learn a new language. From short and compact daily classes to intensive courses, their programmes are tailor-made to suit all your language learning needs and daily routines. Furthermore, each class is packed with fun and exciting activities designed for you to get speaking from the very beginning, showing you how easy it is to pick up a new language and use it with confidence.