Lindsay Williams


Lindsay loves languages. She learns, teaches, blogs, vlogs, eats, sleeps and breathes everything language.

Way back in primary school she went to French club. It was fun and though she guesses she learnt stuff she admits the main reason at the time for going was because they were given croissants and orange juice at the end of term. Miam miam.

Languages were never really a thing for her until she decided to take Spanish at GCSE. Since then, it’s been a growing passion that has led to her making languages her business.

Lindsay Does Languages was born in 2012 as a local company in the heart of little old England offering private language tuition. She taught individuals, then groups, then corporate groups, then school groups, until finally, she found her niche teaching online via Skype. Since then, Lindsay Does Languages has evolved to offering coaching packages and online courses both for language learners and online language tutors.

But that’s not enough! For her, a big part of her job is inspiring others to teach themselves languages. Whether that be in a lesson with her when she’s in your home, a class on Skype when she’s in her home, or a blog or video you enjoy when she’s doing absolutely anything miles from you, She wants you to know that it’s possible for you to learn a language. Go team!