Ken Thorkidsen


Ken Thorkidsen is an ESL expert, trainer, teacher and motivator.

He is originally from the U.K. however is currently living and working in Thailand.  He has worked with students in Thailand, Europe and South America to help them improve their English skills.

He is the founder of Language Open Learning.  This is a teachers directory. If you want to learn a language you easily find a teacher here, regardless of where you live. If you provide language teaching services you can promote them on this site.  Which is free for everyone.

Aside from connecting learners with teachers. Ken also specialises in helping students successfully achieve their dream and goals of becoming staff to global airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Ethiad, Kuwait Airline, Oman Air, Thai Airways, Norwegian Air, Japan Airlines and local airlines such as Thai Smile, Bangkok Airways, Thai Air Asia, Nok Air.

A native English speaker from the UK, Ken is speaks 6 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai and Scots.